The Band

Ashe Alder -vocals-
Matt Tallón -guitar/vocals-
Nahuel Blade -bass-
Pablo Pompa -drums-
Francisco Roldán -keys/piano-


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Equinoxem is an Esoteric Gothic Metal band from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The band begins officially on September 21st of 2008 (spring equinox for the south hemisphere, autumn for north). An idea formed by Matt Tallón, mixing goth metal, with differents styles like celtic music, dark ambient, tango and symphonic, looking for an own sound with special importance in the esoteric lyrics. Ashe Alder (vocals) and Nahuel Blade (Bass), with Matt Tallón (guitar/vocals/composition) formed this project.


In January of 2009, begins the recording of the first Demo/EP called "Nosce te Ipsum". At same time, Franco Canossa, is invited to record the drums of these songs. After this period, the band complete his line up with Marina Fortino (keyboard) and Pablo Pompa (drums).

During 2009, Equinoxem perform his first gigs. After the last gig of the year, changes his line up and Francisco Roldán (keys and piano) joined the band to start a new period. On 2010 a single called The Walker was released as advance of the coming album.

The year 2011 Equinoxem released his first full lenght, titled Prophecies of Soul.


After two years performing gigs, on winter of 2013 the band retires for a while from live shows to enter studio and record the next album. In the beginning of 2014 , while the band was still recording the forthcoming album, a new single was released called Dark Days Come, with an special bonus track with OST-movie style .

This process will last until 2015 when the new album Nightgenesis comes to light. A concept album based on the born of the Night as a philosophical idea, the origin of two sides,rise of darkness in front of light, the most ancient duality.

This year Equinoxem returns to the stages, with a whole new sound with dark rocking tunes.



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The Equinoxem word, is the fusion of Equinox, Noctem (from latin "Night") and Nox (from greek "Night"), and the non-literal meaning approaches to: Nocturnal Equinox.

In astrology, Solstices and Equinoxes have a deepest meaning, physic and esoteric. In both cases, are the born, equilibrium and death of Sun. The Heathens based their main ritual ceremonies in these energy change's time. Lyrics of the band takes differents topics like feelings, sensations, beliefs, and too, religions and occult matters. Music is not only perform notes to make sounds , less when feelings comes in the game. Special frequencies that can trascend worlds. The atmosphere of Equinoxem 's sound pretends start the transmission of those sensations , create a succession of images and landscapes about sorrow, fury, happiness, hope and any soul-mind-state can be possible to reach. A travel to ancient times and past-lives, the ones who give us the knowledge about ourselves. Walking through this path of self knowing, the music is just one of the wonderful keys.